Affordable multisite trials

Novel Designs

At SporeData, we do not focus on data collection. Instead, we dedicate all of our time to the design and analysis of studies. This focus means that we can design and analyze your trial while also training your company staff to monitor each participating site. Since we are not coordinating the data collection, you have a significant cost reduction. Here are some details about our services: Research design. Our trial designs include a large number of options, including patient-centered methods, cluster trials such as stepped-wedged, Bayesian adaptive, n-of-1, equivalence, cross-over, among others. [Read More]

Bayesian adaptive trials

Data Science Methods

Bayesian adaptive trials are often used in comparative effectiveness research, and allow for modifying trial design features based on the data collected throughout the study. This design offers multiple advantages over conventional trials in which modifications are not generally allowed during enrollment and follow-up of patients. Below we outline the comparison between traditional versus adaptive trial designs, providing an overview of the adaptive trial implementation, and basic requirements for implementing it. [Read More]