Data Science support.

SporeData services.

SporeData provides Data Science support services to a variety of groups in the US, including academic, government, and startup teams. Below we give details on these services.

  1. Traditional statistics. We cover a wide spectrum of traditional statistics, including longitudinal analyses (survival and mixed models), spatial statistics, and causal models.
  2. Machine learning models. We have a mature pipeline to process machine learning models at three levels: prognostic models (precision medicine), Natural Language Processing (conversion of free text to a spreadsheet format), and image processing (automated recognition of imaging signs and diagnoses).
  3. Big data. Our team of data scientists can manipulate extensive datasets, including electronic health records, large batches of free text, and terabytes of imaging data.
  4. Trial design. We have designed and analyzed a large number of multinational, randomized clinical trials, including designs such as the stepped wedge, Bayesian adaptive, n-of-1, and cross-over.
  5. Full project documentation. Along with each of our analyses, we provide a full report including the Methods and Results sections in a format that is ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals.
  6. Flexible payment models. In contrast with in-house staff, you pay for a fixed number of data scientist hours, and we spend these hours on your project-related analyses. We provide detailed reports so that you know how we spent each hour.

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