Affordable multisite trials

Novel Designs

At SporeData, we do not focus on data collection. Instead, we dedicate all of our time to the design and analysis of studies. This focus means that we can design and analyze your trial while also training your company staff to monitor each participating site. Since we are not coordinating the data collection, you have a significant cost reduction. Here are some details about our services:

  1. Research design. Our trial designs include a large number of options, including patient-centered methods, cluster trials such as stepped-wedged, Bayesian adaptive, n-of-1, equivalence, cross-over, among others.
  2. Case report forms. We develop and maintain case report forms (CRFs) aligned with the original trial design and delivered to some of the top electronic data capture systems. Our CRFs can include customized computerized adaptive testing hosted in dedicated cloud environments and served to the Redcap system.
  3. Remote data collection. Although we do not conduct data collection on-site, we do have remote data collection services, including email surveys, chatbot integration, Mechanical Turk, computerized adaptive testing, collection by phone, and social network coordination.
  4. Analysis. We provide state of the art methods for data analysis, delivered in weekly reports so that you can follow the progression of the final report.
  5. Reporting. We provide extensive reports both during data collection (data quality control, interim analyses) as well as final reports, including Methods and Results for peer-reviewed publications.
  6. Dissemination. We provide patient-centered dissemination services, including descriptions in lay language, dissemination through condition-specific social networks, and broad media dissemination.